Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adventure Film Festival

Chamonix will host the first edition of the Adventure Film Festival on the evenings of 15th and 16th July in the Majestic congress centre. Born in Boulder Colorado, the Adventure Film is an independent film festival dedicated to the production of World Class Film, Film­makers, Adventure and Environmental Conservation. Created by adventurers, artists, filmmakers and activists, this international team is committed mobilizing people through powerful art, adventure, activism, inspiration and awareness of the world around us. Adventure Film is rooted in the concept of "making your own legends", thus empowering each of us to create positive change in our world.
Jonny Copp, the festival organizer, is unfortunately dead recently with 2 of his friends, during an ascent in China. Jonny Copp was photographer, climber, alpinist and he loved a lot of Chamonix. The Chamonix festival, in collaboration with the town, will be an hommage to his work and passion.
The Festival will kick off with a synchronized aerial acrobatics show performed by Anthony and Timothy Green. 10 adventure films have been selected for this first edition of the film festival in Chamonix:
  • Lift (Paragliding, 28min). Director: Anthony and Timothy Green
  • Seasons (Biking, 60min). Director & Producer: The Collective
  • Andy Parkin: A life in Adaptation (Climbing, 28min). Director: David Fair. Producer: Blue Hippo Media and Weekday Productions
  • Fridays at the Farm (Organic Farming, 19min). Director: Richard Power Hoffmann. Producer: Coyopa Productions
  • Get Up Stand Up (Kayaking and Board Surfing, 5min). Director: David Gonzales
  • Source (Whitewater, 60min). Director: Brooks Baldwin, Marlow Long and Rush Sturges. Producer: Young Gun Productions
  • Sliding Liberia (Surfing, 48min). Director: Britton Caillouette and Nicholai Lidow. Producer: Woodshed Films
  • The Sharp End (Climbing, 60min). Director: Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen. Producer: Sender Films
  • Aconcagua Speed Flying (Speed Flying,6min). Director & Producer: François Bon and Damien DuFresne
  • Running Down the Man (Fly Fishing, 15min). Director: Travis Rummel and Ben Knight. Producer: Felt Sole Media