Thursday, July 9, 2009

11th International Climbing Festival

From July 11 Chamonix will host the International Climbing Festival. Every year, at the beginning of July, the best international climbers meet in Chamonix at the foot of Mont-Blanc for this prestigious event. Festival includes the French Championships and the World Cup events.
The place for the event will be located on the Anneau de vitesse close to the Lac de la Plage. With different demonstrations, stands and an introduction to climbing for the youngsters, Chamonix is transformed once more, into the true capital of climbing!.
The Chamonix Mont-Blanc'sClimbing World Cup (Difficulty and Speed Climbing Men & Women) will take place on Sunday July 12 and Monday July 13. The event reunites the best climbers in the world.
In the Difficulty Event climbers confront each other in pairs, each taking a turn lead climbing on an unkown route. The first one to go the farthest on the first try is the winner. In case of a tie the climber who went the farthest in the the previous qualifying round is the winner.
In the Speed Event climbers confrontone another side by side climbing 'second'. The first one to finish the route and reach the top is the winner.