Sunday, June 7, 2009

First four Vancouver 2010 Olympic ticket designs Unveiled

Colourful, collectable, dynamic and secure — those are the words that best describe the sport and ceremonies tickets that Canadians and visitors from around the world will use at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.
The first four Olympic ticket designs — for the Opening Ceremony, ice hockey, cross-country skiing and curling — were unveiled last Wednesday by the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) after months of design and security work. More than a million tickets will be printed and used at the Games in eight months time; ticket buyers will receive them in late 2009 when they are delivered securely by Purolator Courier.
To protect ticket buyers, a number of security features have been added to the souvenir-sized tickets, features that make the tickets similar to currency in their ability to foil counterfeiters. A bar code is the most obvious high-tech deterrent. VANOC has undertaken significant consumer education and protection initiatives, including a new "Buy Real" print advertising campaign — focused on tickets — that will run this Friday in selected markets. "We’ve worked hard to make these tickets as secure as possible to protect consumers, while at the same time making them attractive as they are often a treasured souvenir", explained Caley Denton, VANOC’s vice president, ticketing and consumer marketing. "For example, with our bar code, when a spectator arrives at one of our venues and we scan their ticket, we can tell where that ticket came from, how it was purchased and if it’s been invalidated because it’s been reported stolen or lost. We’ll also be able to spot counterfeit tickets and confiscate them".
The tickets will prominently display Vancouver 2010 pictograms and sport illustrations, as well as the venues. The sport illustrations — an Olympic and Paralympic Games first — were inspired by photography and give the athletes a heroic feel through a dynamic close-up view of their emotional facial expressions, intensity and athleticism.
Additionally, the organizers created entirely new illustrations for ceremonies tickets. For the Opening Ceremony image, a dark-haired female torchbearer approaches BC Place in downtown Vancouver in anticipation of the awe-inspiring lighting of the Olympic Cauldron, in front of a live crowd of 55,000 people and billions more watching around the world.