Monday, May 25, 2009

FIS SnowKidz Website and Award Launched

In November 2008, the FIS Council decided to initiate a campaign to 'Bring Children to the Snow'. The campaign has been divided into two dimensions: an International Communication Campaign and a National Activity Campaign with different projects and programs depending on the country. Now externally the campaign activities will be known through the 'FIS SnowKidz' brand: "All children between the ages of four and fourteen should have the chance to experience the fascination of snow".
The main aim of the FIS campaign is creating a pool of lifetime skiers and snow lovers among small children. The campaign is about bringing newcomers to snow and keeping those with initial experience there. At the same time, it is not focused on generating competitors for any particular FIS discipline in the first instance.
The FIS SnowKidz are easily approachable super heroes who take care of children and youngsters anywhere in the snow, all around the world. The positive side effect of these super heroes is that they're not only great for identification and motivation but can also help reduce fears, anxieties or obstacles in children's minds connected with snow or snow activities. The SnowKidz are the figures to help reach the campaign's real targets, children aged 4-14, and their parents. The four campaign characters (a girl and a boy for each of the two target groups 4-9 and 9-14) are joined together under the collective brand of the FIS SnowKidz.
To recognize and promote the best examples of bringing children to the snow in varying national circumstances, FIS has launched a new award under the campaign: the FIS SnowKidz award. The FIS Member National Ski Associations (full and associate members) are invited to submit their projects to compete for the first award for the best examples of bringing children to the snow to be granted at the 47th International Ski Congress in Antalya (TUR) in 2010. The submissions are due by 31st January 2010. The award will be presented every second year during the International Ski Congress.