Thursday, April 23, 2009


Tomorrow, Friday April 24th, the historical spectacle of HANNIBAL will be performed again on the giant open-air stage at Sölden's Rettenbach Glacier. The performance of "HANNIBAL – The Crossing of the Alps" is all about the historical facts of the Second Punic War and its protagonist Hannibal, who is described in a biographical way with all modern theater settings on a really incomparable Nature Arena.
500 actors will take part in the new production of Carthage's epic attack on Rome by crossing the Alps. Snow cats as elephants. Instead of elephants the spectators will see snow-grooming machines. Skiers, climbers, parachutist act as modern-day warriors. Giant horsemen cross the endless glacier fields on their skidoos while flying acrobats try to hinder the attack. The ultimate showdown features plenty of music, light effects, video films and pyrotechnic shows.
A semicircle with a high-towered palace forms the center of the stage. Right in front of the spectators' area you find an antique site made of snow and ice. On the right you see Dido's Palace similar to a Maya Pyramid - the Castillo from Chichen Itza was its model.