Sunday, February 1, 2009

SuperStern – The new BLISS show

The Swiss a cappella band BLISS will return to Saas-Fee next February 6, 2009 to present their new "SuperStern" show in the glacier village.
This appealing group got to know Saas-Fee last November when they wanted to implement an apparently completely crazy idea. They had an unbelievable goal: they decided to do a 1:1 remake of the world-famous classic "Last Christmas" video by Wham (1984) in the original venues in and around Saas-Fee. No sooner said than done: the group travelled to the glacier village with 80s-style wigs and blouses with padded shoulders in their bags. And the impossible happened: a sensationally entertaining remake of the classic video was produced, perfectly staged and implemented. Even the weather was perfect for the band, providing precisely the right atmosphere for the shooting with snow, fog and a wintry white landscape. The video was broadcast during the Christmas season on the well-known music channels and the a cappella version of "Last Christmas" was admired on various radio programmes.
Christmas is over and BLISS is now turning up the heat with their new show entitled "SuperStern". Because the band liked Saas-Fee so much, they decided to return in spring and perform their new "SuperStern" show in the glacier village. Thus, guests can look forward to an entertaining musical evening and exciting show on February 6, 2009 at 9:00 p.m. at the gym in Saas-Fee, located directly on the village square. Admission is free!