Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pirena 2009

Pirena 2009 Grand Prix Affinity Advance, finished last Sunday in the ski resort of La Molina after 15 days (from 17 to 31 January). Men and dogs have crossed the Pyrenees, a natural border between Spain, Andorra and France, from West to East (Itinerary). The champion was a Spaniard, Iker Ozcoidi from Navarra, who has become the second Spanish Champion after the Catalan Josep Domingo, champion in Pirena 2006. "Undoubtedly this has been the hardest Pirena of the 14 I've run and with highest standard" he said.
Pirena 2009– Grand Prix Affinity Advance is one of the races that count for the International Sled dog Sports Federation –IFSS- World Cup. Pirena also counts for the European Sled dog Racing Association –ESDRA- Europe Cup.