Friday, February 27, 2009

Nissan Tram Face

The Nissan Tram Face event is the second of four Freeride World Tour stops: Nissan Russian Adventure in Sochi (Russia, 20-25 Jan), Nissan Tram Face in Squaw Valley (USA, 26 Feb-5 Mar) and the Nissan Freeride in Tignes (France, 8-14 Mar). The final contest will take place in Switzerland with the mythical Nissan Xtreme 09 in Verbier (20-29 Mar).
Since the resort was opened in 1949, the steep rock face below Tower 1 of the Cable Car (known as the "Tram Face") has remained strictly off-limits. Its steep and seemingly un-skiable pitch, permanent closure, and tantalizing location in perfect view from Squaw Valley’s Village and base area, have made it a coveted descent among the freeride scene. History will be made this year when the world’s best get a chance to take a crack at it during the Nissan Tram Face – Squaw Valley USA."The Tram Face at Squaw Valley is legendary terrain that many have dreamed to ride but few have dared to.Having the first ever competition on Tram Face is like the first time Monaco was raced in Formula 1, Teahupoo was surfed and the Masters was played at Augusta. Opening up the off-limits terrain for the competition is a dream come true for any person that has ever driven into Squaw Valley and seen the amazing Face that dominates the mountain", said Cody Townsend, Squaw Valley USA skier and FWT rider.
Squaw Valley USA is one of Americas largest and high tech resorts attracting over 600,000 visitors every year.