Tuesday, December 23, 2008

IDE’s All Weather Snowmaker for Pitztal tested

Following the successful operation of the snowmaker in Zermatt in November, IDE's engineers moved to Pitztal and successfully operated the Pitztal snowmaker last week. As in Zermatt, Pitztal has already been covered by heavy snow for the last few weeks, therefore snowmaking will commence during spring 2009. The Snowmaker was assembled and testing in Israel during July 2008. The Snowmakers were shipped from Israel to Slovenia, loaded on a truck convoy and transported to the base stations of the ski resorts. The crews worked hard to transport the heavy equipment up to the mountains.
Following Zermatt’s footsteps, Pitztal Gletscherbahnen was the second ski resort to order a new kind of artificial snow system: the IDE’s All Weather Snowmaker. IDE Technologies is a world leader and pioneer in water desalination, wastewater concentrators and purifiers. The snowmaking technology comes from the mining industry where it is used to cool the goldmines.
The All Weather Snowmaker is a unique, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solution that produces large quantities of high quality snow using vacuum conditions to generate it. Unlike the conventional snow gun, the All Weather Snowmaker is capable of operating at all ambient temperatures, thus ensuring full operation during warm spells as well as supplementing natural snowfall accumulation."This 1.5 million Euro investment will complement existing snow making systems by covering slopes that so far had to rely exclusively on natural snowfall", says Hans Rubatscher, Pitztal Glacier Resort Chairman. "This will enable us to offer European ski teams, who start their training season already in autumn, a wide racing area. Furthermore, regular skiers will enjoy a proper ski season right from the very beginning".
Pitztal is Austria’s highest glacier ski area (the Pitz Panoramabahn brings skiers 3,440m above sea level) and one of the five Tyrolean glaciers among which you can enjoy skiing all year round. The glacier ski area offers 28 kilometres of pistes (6 blue, 17 red and 5 black) served by 7 lifts (1 funicular, 1 cable car of 16 gondolas connected together into 4 groups, 1 gondola, 1 chair lift and 4 drag lifts).