Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Italian Touring Club has voted Alta Badia top resort in the Alps

A detailed analysis of the Alpine tourist resorts carried out by the prestigious Italian Touring Club Study Centre has voted Corvara and Badia, which together make up Alta Badia, top resorts in the Alps out of the 111 destinations taken into consideration. The Touring Club of Italy (TCI) was founded in 1894 with the aim of spreading and developing the social and cultural values of tourism, promoting the defense, conservation and proper enjoyment of the country's national heritage, landscape and environment, and producing publications on travel and for travellers. It is an independent, nonprofit association, financed entirely by membership fees and the proceeds of its activities.
The study included all the main winter sports stations in the Alps. To draw up the table which was released some days ago in the Tourism Magazine, the Italian Touring Club Study Centre based its study on 16 different parameters, placing the qualitative aspect at the centre of its research. As is well known, Alta Badia has for years aimed more on quality in all sectors, rather than quantity, a fact which also emerged from the study “Alta Badia quo vadis?” presented in September. The geographical situation and the mountain setting were some of the indicators used. In this sense Alta Badia enjoys a considerable advantage compared to other resorts as it is an open valley, set in the heart of the Dolomites which are seen as the most beautiful mountains in the world. The climate and the quality of accommodation, the ski tows, the skiing area and the variety of the slopes were also examined. The inter-valley connections are very important and were judged to be excellent in Alta Badia, with the connection between five villages and the chance of reaching more than 520 km of slopes skis-on-foot in the valleys around the Sella Group. Moreover, the safety of the snow was also analyzed (just think that 90% of the slopes can be covered with artificial snow, thanks to the powerful cutting-edge machinery), the access in summer to the panoramic peaks, the presence of mountain paths, woods and picturesque destinations for excursions, the relationship between beds in second houses and hotel beds, all regarded as tourist accommodation, the offer of activities, the distance from the big cities and metropolitan areas, the reception in terms of the impact on arrival in the resort and the overall image of the resort. The municipalities of Badia and Corvara combined by the same tourist denomination group, Alta Badia, are the best tourist station of the Alps, totalizing 68 out of 80 points and 7 points ahead of the second in the table, the Swiss resort of Zermatt which drew level with Selva-Santa Cristina.