Sunday, November 30, 2008

Host City Concept Transportation Plan for Vancouver 2010 Games

Understanding how to get around and help make transportation plans work during the 2010 Winter Games is critical to ensuring a successful and positive experience for everyone, and the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games (VANOC) supports the upcoming transportation engagement stakeholder meetings and Games-time initiatives planned by the City of Vancouver to manage transportation in the downtown core.
The temporary Games-time changes to the City’s road network and promotion of walking, cycling and public transportation directly support the call to action to Vancouver business leaders issued last week by John Furlong, Chief Executive Officer of VANOC.
Last Tuesday the City of Vancouver announced that its staff will be talking to business, transportation and community groups about temporary changes to the City’s road network leading up to and during the 2010 Winter Games.
"Effective transportation planning and engaging every citizen in making transport workable and even enjoyable is one of the great challenges of organizing the Games. The City of Vancouver is a key partner in this challenge and we commend them on being proactive in developing a transportation plan that will ensure a positive enjoyable experience for everyone in 2010", said Irene Kerr, Vice President, Services and Transportation of VANOC.
The Host City Concept Transportation plan is another step towards ensuring the citizens of Vancouver have the information they need in order to have a positive Games experience. It follows Game Plan 2008, a series of information sessions organized by VANOC designed to help those who live or work near a 2010 Winter Games venue begin to better understand the daily operations of the Games, as well as the City of Vancouver’s ongoing dialogue with business and transportation stakeholders. In the coming months, VANOC will be engaging those businesses and residents who will be directly impacted by the operations of the Games, and will roll out the next phases of Game Plan in the spring and fall of 2009, offering an increasing level of detail as operations plans are finalized.
For more information about the Host City Concept Transportation Plan, visit the City of Vancouver’s Getting Around section of the Host City website at Translink’s website is