Friday, October 24, 2008

Therapeutic Baths in Südtirol

Südtirol offers spa treatments that make use of local products like hay baths, an apple aroma bath, a grape-seed oil bath, a wine bath, a milk and honey bath, a sheep’s wool bath, radon inhalations and Sissi’s whey bath.
I saw this item in the web (Italy: A South Tyrol hay bath) and I want to share it with you.

The Vigilius Mountain Resort, located in Lana in the province of Bozen and accessible exclusively by cable car, blends into the larch woods of the car-free Vigiljoch Mountain at 1500 metres altitude with a spectacular view of the Dolomites and the surrounding alpine scenery. True to the motto of its architect Matteo Thun – "eco not ego" – in 2005 the vigilius mountain resort received from the Italian WWF the special award "Panda d’Oro" for its ecological role-model function. The same year, the resort became the first Climate House A in the Italian hotel business. One year later, in 2006, the vigilius was bestowed the sought-after environmental award "Premio all’Innovazione amica dell’Ambiente" from the Italian environment association Legambiente.
Merano Thermal Baths, opened in 2005, is the new oasis of wellbeing offering Merano’s old spa traditions in a modern and innovative interpretation. "Treatments courtesy of Mother Nature in South Tyrol" is the motto, and local natural produce plays a key role in the health and feel-good offering at Merano Thermal Baths. In particular Südtirol produce provides the raw materials used for the various applications and the Merano Thermal Baths proprietary line of bodycare products, with apples, grapes, whey, wool and herbs all sourced in the region.
The Interior design of Merano Thermal Baths is the work of Milan’s star architect Matteo Thun. He has attracted worldwide attention with his exciting architecture and was recently admitted to New York’s Hall of Fame. The architect’s aim in Merano was "to create a natural oasis in the heart of the town" and "to employ shapes and materials to evoke memories of the primeval strength of water".
Merano Thermal Baths employ state-of-the-art environmental engineering in order to economize on energy and above all water. Significant annual savings are achieved with the help of the following technologies: low-temperature heating system, combined heat and power plant (which permits electricity to be generated and the process heat to be utilized at the same time), absorption cooling plant and heat recovery system. Wherever potable water is not necessary, including all the toilets, the water is taken from two deep wells located in the grounds of the thermal baths.