Friday, August 15, 2008

XShot. A useful Gadget for Lonely Riders

I saw this video in CNN Business Traveller and thought it was interesting to share it with you. Richard Quest tested in the Mount Stanzarhorn (Switzerland) the XShot, a telescopic stainless-steel rod that allows you to take a photo or shoot a video including yourself in the shot. Simply connect any digital compact camera to the XShot adapter using the built-in thumb screw and adjust to the desired angle. Engage the self-timer, extend the XShot, aim and shoot. The XShot provides over one metre of reach.
One such effect is achieved with the XShot when the camera is placed in video mode and the user spins in place 360 degrees. When played back, the video appears three-dimensional and the subject seems to be standing still while the background revolves.
In the future you don't need to ask a stranger to take a picture of you on the slopes. Beyond the independent traveler, the XShot is also the perfect gadget for those who use the many social networking sites online.