Saturday, August 2, 2008

First IDE Snowmaker tested

Zermatt Bergbahnen was the first ski resort to order a new kind of artificial snow system: the IDE’s All Weather Snowmaker. Months later Pitztal Gletscherbahnen was the second Company to order, following Zermatt’s footsteps, the snowmaker. Both projects, covered heavily by the local media, are already under construction, and due to be operational during October 2008.
Now IDE Technologies announced that the first All Weather Snowmaker had been assembled and tested in Israel during July 2008 and will be shipped soon to the installation site. The Snowmaker is capable to produce 950 cubic meters of snow per day. Snowmaking took place east of Netanya (Israel) under summer conditions (ambient temperature above 30º C) during the second week of July. Israeli skiers enjoyed skiing on the ski slope at the test site.
IDE's All Weather Snowmaker is based on IDE’s proven Vacuum Ice Technology (VIM), which has been in operation worldwide for over 15 years. The All Weather Snowmaker is a unique, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solution that produces large quantities of high quality snow using vacuum conditions to generate it. Unlike the conventional snow gun, the All Weather Snowmaker is capable of operating at all ambient temperatures, thus ensuring full operation during warm spells as well as supplementing natural snowfall accumulation.
"This 1.5 million Euro investment will complement existing snow making systems by covering slopes that so far had to rely exclusively on natural snowfall", says Hans Rubatscher, Pitztal Glacier Resort Chairman. "This will enable us to offer European ski teams, who start their training season already in autumn, a wide racing area. Furthermore, regular skiers will enjoy a proper ski season right from the very beginning".
Daniel Luggen, Zermatt Tourism Director, says: "We definitely saw a decrease in bookings for the usually very popular ski tests that take place between October and December. We have to offer our guests an enjoyable ski experience and this innovative technology could not have come at a better time”.


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