Sunday, July 20, 2008


The Alpinathlon is a combination of sport, adventure, team spirit and pushing the boundaries. In a team of 7 participants –women, men and mixed (4 men/3 women)– or on your own, you can conquer mountain and valley, hiking trails and areas of the High Alps, in the disciplines of inline skating, mountain biking, running and bicycle racing.
This sporting event links the beautiful summery mountain paradise of Engadine/St. Moritz
with the familiar sports centre of Davos. The inline skating and mountain bike routes take you through some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the world. The Albula Pass has long been the Eldorado of Graubünden for racing cyclists. The High-Alpine section taking in the Keschhütte, Panorama Trail and Scaletta pass is without equal. The wonderful Dischma valley and the finishing line at the culturally and historically important hotel on the Schatzalp are, without doubt, amongst the highlights of the new race event. The Alpinathlon follows in the truest sense of the word the footsteps of the famous painters, writers and philosophers Giovanni Segantini, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Mann und Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. A special treat in terms of landscape and culture
Route 1: St. Moritz – Maloja. Discipline: Skating. Length/altitude: 16.8 km, +40 m.
Route 2: Maloja – Pontresina. Discipline: Biking. Length/altitude: 27.6 km, +640 m/-690 m
Route 3: Pontresina – Bergün. Discipline: Cycling. Length/altitude: 35.1 km, +620 m/-1020 m
Route 4: Bergün – Keschhütte. Discipline : Running. Length/altitude: 13.7 km, +1270 m
Route 5: Keschhütte – Dürrboden. Discipline: Running. Length/altitude: 11.5 km, +230 m/-850 m
Route 6: Dürrboden – Bolgen. Discipline: Running. Length/altitude: 13.5 km, +70 m/-540 m
Route 7: Bolgen – Schatzalp (Davos). Discipline: Biking. Length/altitude: 9.1 km, +500 m/-180 m
A supporting programme will be organised for the participants in the Alpinathlon.