Thursday, July 10, 2008

10th International Climbing Festival

Tomorrow the 10th International Climbing Festival starts in Chamonix with the Open National Youth challenge. Every year, at the beginning of July, the best international climbers meet in Chamonix at the foot of Mont-Blanc for this prestigious event. Festival includes the French Championships and the World Cup events. Up and coming young climbers, along with famous names, will measure their skills and speed on an artificial climbing wall, built especially for the occasion. It is estimated that a crowd of around 10,000 turn up each year to watch the final event.
The place for the event will be located on the Anneau de vitesse close to the Lac de la Plage.
With different demonstrations, stands and an introduction to
climbing for the youngsters, Chamonix is transformed once more, into the true capital of climbing!.
The grande finale of the Festival is a big fireworks display also intended to celebrate Bastille Day on the 14th.