Friday, April 18, 2008

Snickers Classic & Popcorn Wallride

From 17-20 April, 2008, Saas-Fee host the II edition of Snickers Classic & Popcorn Wallride an event of the legendary TTR World Snowboard Tour. The "Swatch TTR Snowboard World Tour" enjoys worldwide recognition as the crowning highlight in a series of independent freestyle snowboarding events united under a global banner. The events have gained enormous popularity over the past five years and the tour’s global recognition has managed to revitalize competitive snowboarding. In its 6th year running, TTR has managed to top itself with a season of internationally top-listed snowboarding events like the Burton European, US Open and Air & Style Munich.
The Snickers Classic & Popcorn Wallride is open for everyone and offers everybody access to the qualification. Riders compete in the slope style run situated along the Längfluh area of Saas-Fee, specially designed by Frederik Kalbermatten for the Snickers Classic. On Sunday an 8-meter high Popcorn Wall decide the overall winner, the "King of Popcorn 2008".