Saturday, February 9, 2008

Val d'Isere FIS World Alpine Ski Championships

The International Ski federation (FIS) entrusted the organization of the 2009 FIS World Alpine Ski Championships to the French Ski Federation and Val d’Isère. The village candidature was the starting point for many projects based on the sustainable development of the town for the next fifty years. It is an opportunity to implement the various projects undertaken by the community acting in the interests of the alpine environment and way of life, or management of the expansion of the tourist trade. The FIS Organization contract signed by the Organizing Committee included this term in the "Principals of Organization" clause: "The national association, town and Local Organizing Committee agree and accept that the respect of the environment is an important factor and pledge to carry out their obligations and activities according to the terms and conditions of this present contract in such a way that all current legislations concerning the environment are fully respected, and whenever possible, to act in such a way to promote the protection of the environment". Val d'Isère Environment Committee set up the following guidelines:

  • carry out environmental impact assessments on all actions
  • adopt a " high environmental quality " (HEQ) approach for all buildings and plan a long-term use for them
  • work in association with ecologists and landscape architects for slope development work
  • work on transportation (to/from and within the resort) in the aim of a "car-free World Championships"
  • manage energy
  • create a master plan for water
  • increase waste matter valorisation
  • reduce tree felling to a minimum, program compensatory measures and integrate new town owned compartments in the sylvicultural system
  • approve the Risk Prevention Plan (taking into account the major risks in Val d'Isère, the pressure of the environment)
  • certify the World Championships ISO 14001
Val d'Isere has fully understood the necessity of improving on the environment in order to improve the quality of life in the village. During the 12 days of the 2009 World Championships, a predefined zone within the resort of Val d’Isère will create a “car-free” experience. The development of car parking, creation of car parks, road improvements and the definition of a pedestrian area -the area between the bus station and the Tourist Office roundabout- will all reduce traffic flow. These improvements are essential both for the organization of the World Championships and the successful running of the resort.