Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ski to Live

Recently I read in a magazine about a Ski Clinic at three Utah ski resorts (Snowbird, Alta and Park City) called Ski to Live that uses Zen to teach students how to master fear and boost performance. Instruction consists on a four-day retreat of yoga sessions, on-hill ski coaching with Kristen Ulmer and her pro pals, and evening interactions with Zen master Genpo Roshi to let go of negative experiences and thoughts.
Kristen Ulmer was a mogul specialist on the US Ski Team and an American pioneer of the Extreme Sports revolution. Powder Magazine called her "The biggest icon the ski industry never expected" and the "protoplasmic mass of the ski industry" in a cover-feature about her life. Expanding into other dangerous sports such as rock and ice climbing, paragliding, adventure cycling and kiteboarding also scored her the vote in Women's Sports and Fitness Magazine as the most extreme woman athlete in North America. Kristen Ulmer was voted one of the ten skiers in the world "most likely to die". Jumping cliffs in ski flicks and being the first woman to ski down Wyoming's 4,179 metres Grand Teton were just two of her claims to fame.
Now called the “Ski Guru” by the American outdoor industry, she summarizes: "I'm proud of my ski career, and jumping off 70 foot cliffs was exciting, but not nearly as exciting as helping people access something they already know-- what they're capable of, not just as athletes, but as human beings".