Monday, February 4, 2008

Ski Safaris

Clients are looking for unique experiences in their holidays, a trend specially remarkable in the ski and adventure market. Operators have the challenge to innovate more and more attractive products to fulfill the clients needs for emotional experiences. One of the most interesting offers I found in the current ski tourism panorama trying to meet clients new expectations is an UK Company named Ski Safari .
Ski Safari began over a decade ago by introducing multi-resort Ski Safaris in Canada to the UK market. A Ski Safari is a skiing holiday on which you visit two or more resorts, driving yourself between them. On a Ski Safari your flights, accommodation, vehicle and Ski Extras are all booked for you before you leave. As demand for North America grew the Company expanded to include the key resorts in the USA. Afterwards they include in their portfolio Ski Safaris in Switzerland and Japan.